Advanced Acting Study with The Group

The GroupI’m proud to be a member of Act One Studios Director Steve Merle’s exclusive advanced acting class, The Group. Steve formed his Group to be a place for actors to come together to study and grow in a whole new way. It’s not the “8 weekly classes then a showcase” format. It’s ongoing with classes twice a week, which you can attend as much as you like – for free. In The Group, you only pay to work. Instead of paying $___ for Class A, in The Group you buy a punch card, but your card is only “punched” when you work a scene. You can pick your scene partner, you can pick your scene. Or you can have Steve pick them for you. Either way, he’s going to push you. And you’ll have all the time to work on the scene that it needs (unlike a traditional class). Then when it’s really ready, Steve and his crew will film it and then you can use it for your reel, website, etc. Plus we do monthly play readings and movie nights. In short, it’s a blast and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Right now there’s about a dozen members and Steve is looking to cap it at 30, so if you’re an actor and you’re intrigued, you can still get in while the getting’s good. Check out for more info and to apply.