Taking Out the Trash for InSinkErator

And they said I was a garbage actor. Who’s laughing now, huh?!

Oh, jokes. This fun spot for the good folks at InSinkErator, the world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposals, will be popping up online and on TV. Just like old Landfill Worker Larry popping up over a fence.

And my god, what a miracle to be able to book work done on an outdoor, safe set where everyone was distanced and masked, and in the window of time before cases surged once again. It felt so good to make a group of people laugh again. That used to be a regular occurrence in The Before Times. Hopefully there will be other versions of this spot and some of those improvised bits will make it in.

Bringing the HEAT to acting via Zoom

Ah, remember The Before Times? When we’d all cram into a little space and laugh and cry and feel together? Well, that ain’t gonna happen again for a good long time. So naturally, the actor must adapt.

I’ve done a few play readings online now and they’re quite fun. Recently, I got to be part of a group that Elayne LeTraunik put together to read Boy Sees Flying Saucer by Mike Czuba (based on a true and original story by Brian Dorscht). Folks who attended said it was “better than Netflix!” And Mike said we did a good job too.

On Aug 26, I’ll be in a reading of Neil Cole’s Five Minutes To Midnight and you can tune in for free. Five Minutes… centers on real-life survivor of the Holocaust Kitia Altman. As she tries to impart her experiences to a preoccupied teenager, Kitia is often lost in a swirl of memories as she flashes back to different periods of her life. Other characters appear and fade away like phantoms as Kitia shares the story of her survival, and teaches her visitor the importance of staying informed of the past.

These are tough, disappointing times. Let’s find all the joy and virtual companionship we can, eh? Stay safe out there.

Moving up for ComEd

You’ve heard of ComEd. They give you the electricity! And I’m part of a campaign about giving it to you cheaper! Because I’m pretty sure we all need to lower our operating costs, am I right?

Making big plans with North Shore Bank

I got big plans in this new spot for North Shore Bank, a community-minded bank that empowers you to confidently manage your money so you can achieve the life you want! And look at my face! I’m going to achieve it ALL, baby! WHOOO!!

Painting some stuff for PPG

You’ll be seeing me pop up in the new campaign for PPG Paints. That’s right. I’m a model. A handsome, handsome model. Who paints things.

My thanks as always to my terrific representation at Lori Lins!

Having twins for DuPage Medical Group

What do you do when you fall off your roof? You go to DuPage Medical Group, one of the largest and most successful independent multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois! Plus, if you impregnate your wife, they will tell you how many tiny people are gestating within her!

Booze-ing my own adventure at LOL Chicago

My old LOL friends asked me to be a cast member of Booze Your Own Adventure, a new show in which an audience member’s life is recreated onstage and then various drinking games affect the direction of the story and the fate of our hero.

It’s gloriously stupid fun and it’s a trip improvising at the awesome new LOL Chicago space.

Every Saturday at 11pm at Laugh Out Loud Theater Chicago.

Making improvisations in The Session

My old buddy Micah Philbrook is the man behind the monthly variety explosion That Sunday Show. Each show closes with The Session, an exuberant improv jam dedicated to rampant acts of reckless agreement and unapologetic support, and I am honored to be a frequent guest!

Every 2nd Sunday at 8pm at Judy’s Beat Lounge at the Second City.

Directing improv’s Queen Bs

I’m one lucky son of a gun because since 2014 I’ve had the joy of directing the Queen Bs ensemble, comprised of Molly Baerson, Ann Field, Alexa Hansen, Robin Jurkowski, and Jane Kasper! These 5 talented ladies met in improv classes at Laugh Out Loud Theater (a couple of them taught by me), formed their new group, hired me as director, and the rest is history. You can spot the Bs performing on stages around Northwest Chicagoland, as well as teaching workshops or entertaining for private events. Read all about ’em in Country Magazine, and check their website for upcoming shows!

Training med students as a Standardized Patient

In 2015, I began a new gig as a Standardized Patient and I’ve been regularly poked and prodded ever since. An SP is a person carefully recruited and trained to take on the characteristics of a real patient, thereby affording med students an opportunity to learn and to be evaluated on learned skills in a simulated clinical environment.

Basically I’m helping future doctors be better at their jobs, so… YOU’RE WELCOME.

Currently, I’m changing lives at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and Rush University.