Eating Donuts for United Auto Insurance

Typecast again as a Chicago cop! This time in a series of spots for the good folks at United Auto Insurance. Man, those donuts were good. I think I ate… 37?

Questioning Coach LeFleur for Bellin Health

My second time doing a commercial with a Green Bay Packers coach! This time for the good folks at Bellin Health. Live your best life, because if I do a third commercial with a Packers coach, the spacetime continuum implodes!

Returning to LIVE THEATER with Avalanche

My first foray back since that deadly airborne virus became a part of all our lives! Avalanche Theatre invited me to be a part of their New Play Summit. (Avalanche. Summit. I see what you did there.) I was typecast again as “bumbling stepfather” in a reading of the cutting, hilarious WasteHouse by Marjorie Muller. Damn did it feel good to make people laugh in-person again.

Taking Out the Trash for InSinkErator

And they said I was a garbage actor. Who’s laughing now, huh?!

Oh, jokes. This fun spot for the good folks at InSinkErator, the world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposals, will be popping up online and on TV.

Buttling in Clue: Stay-at-Home Version

When I saw an audition notice for Clue: Stay-at-Home Version, I could not resist. And so I got to be Wadsworth the butler in the Kirk Players‘ clever, remotely-recorded edition of the iconic 1985 comedy. Stepping into this role and getting to laugh through many a zoom rehearsal with this lovely cast and crew was frickin’ wonderful.

Voiceover-ing for George Webb

Damn nice to have recently booked some more voiceover work for George Webb Restaurants! I’m starving just looking at this!

Soliloquizing for CenterStage’s Shakespeare Online

I’ve been most fortunate to have some Shakespeare to work on in this pandemic time, thanks to the good folks at CenterStage in Lake Forest

Winning at the Midwest Film Fest with Dubious Ruffians

It was a treat to have a short film I did be a part of the badass Midwest Film Festival, and lo and behold, Dubious Ruffians won Best Film of the Night!

I absolutely love this short and now it is available to view online in its entirety! 

Directing improv’s Queen Bs

I’m one lucky son of a gun because since 2014 I’ve had the joy of directing the Queen Bs ensemble. You can spot the Bs performing on stages around Northwest Chicagoland, as well as teaching workshops or entertaining for private events. 

Moving on up for ComEd

You’ve heard of ComEd. They give you the electricity! And I’m part of a campaign about giving it to you cheaper! Because I’m pretty sure we all need to lower our operating costs, am I right?

Having twins for DuPage Medical Group

What do you do when you fall off your roof? You go to DuPage Medical Group! Plus, if you impregnate your wife, they will tell you how many tiny people are gestating within her!

Making big plans with North Shore Bank

I got big plans in this new spot for North Shore Bank, and look at my face! I’m going to achieve it ALL, baby!