Being Albert Einstein in Einstein’s Gift

Einstein's GiftI’m again working with Genesis Theatrical Productions, and this time I get to play some physicist that no one’s ever heard of.

Through the recollections of Albert Einstein, the play focuses on the life and career of German chemist Dr. Fritz Haber, who helped improve living conditions with his work on nitrogen fixation. His work was later used by the German army to produce chlorine gas used in Second Battle of Ypres in the First World War. As Dr. Haber becomes increasingly involved with the German army, the play depicts how his actions and newly forged military connections affect his relationship with his first wife, Clara, his second wife, Charlotta, and his assistant, Otto. As his passion in science intertwines with nationalistic pride, Haber manifested himself a scientist devoted to a country that never accepted his Jewish origin.


“That most satisfying kind of play… rich with historical detail and scandal and ripe with questions for post-theater conversations. Fine performances… Wicke as Einstein is thoughtful, self-effacing…”
Third Coast Review

“Guy F. Wicke is warm and charismatic as Einstein. Stepping in and out of the story, he eloquently details memories of a friend and colleague with poetic flair.”
Windy City Times

“Wicke’s lovely, understated performance of the great genius [is] memorable…”
Chicago Theater Beat

Recommended! “A cautionary tale with global implications…”
Chicago Reader

Einstein’s Gift runs August 4-28: Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 3pm at the Athenaeum Theater.