Returning to IMPROV with the Queen Bs

Y’all. For several years now it has been my absolute pleasure to direct a dynamite improv ensemble, the Queen Bs. It was a thrill to reunite with them in-person for rehearsals and to see them return to the stage at the end of 2021.

BUT THEN, for their most recent show, they were down a couple players and asked me to step in and perform with them! It was my first time back on a stage improvising since the pandemic began. And it was a GOD DAMN JOY. Turns out, it’s just like riding a bicycle. A manic, oddly-specific bicycle that agrees with everything.

I’ll definitely be looking for more opportunities to inflict myself upon fully masked and vaxxed audiences when circumstances allow. And YOU should follow the Bs and catch their shows in 2022!

The Queen Bs!

Holy SHIT!