Playing the Nerd in The Nerd

NerdI was thrilled to have been cast as the titular character in Black Fox Theatre’s production of The Nerd, which ran Thursdays through Sundays from Aug 9 – Sept 1 at the Athenaeum Theatre. Set in Indiana in the late 70s, I played the mysterious, nerdy Rick Steadman who shows up at the home of Willum, a man he’s never met but whose life he saved in Vietnam, and then hilarious and unexpected hijinks force Willum to discover how far he’ll go to fight for his own happiness.

Wicke’s wide-eyed, maddening naiveté is right on the money.” – Newcity

I commend Wicke for fully committing to the role of Rick Steadman: his Northerner accent may have been over-the-top, but he clearly relishes every idiotic decision and mannerism, and his enthusiasm’s contagious.” – Chicago Theatre Beat

Guy Wicke keeps the laughs coming as Rick.” – Centerstage Chicago

My favorite character was Rick even though he was sort of the bad guy… I started to be really irritated by him, but in an interesting way.” – Ada Grey Reviews for You (She’s nine years old.)