Tumbling into Avalanche’s 24-Hour Play Festival

My pals over at Avalanche Theatre are doing themselves a little hootenanny, and asked me to join in!

For this stunt, they’ve gathered a bunch of playwrights, directors, and actors to leap into action and write, rehearse, and perform several short plays, all within 1,440 minutes!

I love a challenge. And chaos. And desperation. So I can’t friggin’ wait to be an actor in the mix.

Want to vote on the play titles you’d like to see written and performed in the festival? You can do so here!

Avalanche Theatre 24-Hour Play Festival

Saturday, January 21 at 7:30pm

The Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln Ave in Northcenter

Tickets are donation-based, so feel free to pay what you can. (Or more!) There are limited spots available, so reserve now!