Playing Hemingway in Beneath the Boar’s Head

When a struggling writer hits a creative wall, he looks up to the framed photo of his literary hero above his desk and pleads for help. So, naturally, an apparition of Hemingway appears before him, played by yours truly! I proceed to drink heavily, throw insults, drop wisdom, and slam his head into his desk repeatedly until the writers block is defeated! Working on this short film was tremendous fun and I look forward to its release! Continue reading Playing Hemingway in Beneath the Boar’s Head

Wolfing Out in Three Short Films

I was fortunate enough to be cast in a few films that’ll be shooting in Oct-Nov, and in one of them I even appear briefly as a werewolf! (The makeup test was a hoot, let me tell you. I think I still have latex in my beard.) In the dark tale No One Knows I’m Gone, I play a gossipy teacher scandalized by a troubled student’s behavior; in the genre-jumping flick Late Fee, I am the bitter owner of a failing video rental store; and in the inventive Dreams of Life, I portray an executive dealing with his daughter’s leukemia … Continue reading Wolfing Out in Three Short Films