Defending in The Trial of Herschel Green

Green - EditedInspired by true events–events that changed the course of history. On November 7, 1938, Herschel Green, a German Jewish emigre, shot a Nazi official at the German Embassy in Paris to avenge the treatment of his family and other Jews in Germany. A day later, the official mysteriously died. On November 9 and 10 in Germany and Austria, the Nazis executed the revenge known as “The Night Of Broken Glass”—destroying thousands of Jewish-owned businesses and hundreds of synagogues, and sending 30,000 Jews to concentration camps. Herschel Green was brought to trial. The Trial Of Herschel Green is a courtroom battle of conspiracy theories played out between the Nazi prosecutor and French defense attorney. The question is: Who really killed Von Hinter, and why?

Presented by Genesis Theatrical Productions at the Pride Arts Center.