Soliloquizing for CenterStage’s Shakespeare Online

I’ve been most fortunate to have some Shakespeare to work on in this pandemic time, thanks to the good folks at CenterStage in Lake Forest. I think they said it best:

2020 is a year like no other in living memory. A year of plague and wildfires, of riots and demonstrations. An election year with the most deeply divided electorate in a century. A year desperately in need of the solace, the comfort, and the joy of theatre; theatre whose buildings plague has shut down.

What to do?

Go back – of course – to an expert in handling art in a time of plague:

When the London theatres closed, he sent his company to the countryside. When his landlords were a problem, he dismantled his theatre and moved it to the other side of the river. Will Shakespeare was the go-to guy of his age. And so, CenterStage in Lake Forest is proud to present: We have rounded up a talented troupe of actors ready and willing to share the finest speeches Shakespeare has to offer – a weekly webisode series covering the depth and breadth of Shakespeare’s genius.

It’s been a hell of a time, but what fun to chew on some Shakespeare.

Speaking of Hell, here’s a spooky bit about raising the dead from the Halloween episode: