Bringing the HEAT to acting via Zoom

Ah, remember The Before Times? When we’d all cram into a little space and laugh and cry and feel together? Well, that ain’t gonna happen again for a good long time. So naturally, the actor must adapt.

Boy Sees Flying SaucerI’ve done a few play readings online now and they’re quite fun. Recently, I got to be part of a group that Elayne LeTraunik put together to read Boy Sees Flying Saucer by Mike Czuba (based on a true and original story by Brian Dorscht). Folks who attended said it was “better than Netflix!” And Mike said we did a good job too.

On Aug 26, I’ll be in a reading of Neil Cole’s Five Minutes To Midnight and you can tune in for free. Five Minutes… centers on real-life survivor of the Holocaust Kitia Altman. As she tries to impart her experiences to a preoccupied teenager, Kitia is often lost in a swirl of memories as she flashes back to different periods of her life. Other characters appear and fade away like phantoms as Kitia shares the story of her survival, and teaches her visitor the importance of staying informed of the past.

These are tough, disappointing times. Let’s find all the joy and virtual companionship we can, eh? Stay safe out there.