Playing the ghost of John Barrymore

Well I did it again. Went and auditioned for some theater. Now I’ll be donning tights to play the ghost of John Barrymore, AMERICA’S GREATEST SHAKESPEAREAN ACTOR, in the hilarious comedy I Hate Hamlet! Swordfights! Seductions! Soliloquies! Only 6 performances! (What? I know!) Fri 3/10 at 8pm Sat 3/11 at 8pm Sun 3/12 at 3pm Fri 3/17 at 8pm Sat 3/18 at 8pm Sun 3/19 at 3pm All the action happens at Deerfield’s Patty Turner Center. Get your tickets at Continue reading Playing the ghost of John Barrymore

Playing Hemingway in Beneath the Boar’s Head

When a struggling writer hits a creative wall, he looks up to the framed photo of his literary hero above his desk and pleads for help. So, naturally, an apparition of Hemingway appears before him, played by yours truly! I proceed to drink heavily, throw insults, drop wisdom, and slam his head into his desk repeatedly until the writers block is defeated! Working on this short film was tremendous fun and I look forward to its release! Continue reading Playing Hemingway in Beneath the Boar’s Head

Starring in “Holocaust comedy” Muse of Fire

“Wicke is a haunting portrait of a man trying to find some last shred of dignity within the context of his own choices….”– Chicago Theater Beat (Recommended, 3 Stars) It’s Auschwitz, 1942. I play an actor who has coped with the horrors of the camp by writing a hilarious play in his head, and now he’s wrangling his fellow prisoners to act out his farce, which satirizes the anti-Semitic nonsense of the Dreyfus Affair. But as the play goes on, dark secrets emerge. The prisoners must ask themselves if comedy can truly have meaning in the face of horror. Muse … Continue reading Starring in “Holocaust comedy” Muse of Fire